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June 24, 2005

About Last Night...

Lord, I apologize...GIT-R-DONE!!!

No, I'm not still "under the influence," I just had to say that.

But, seriously, I'm sorry I got on here last night and posted when I'd been drinking. I get really stupid when I do that. Keep me away from the Internet...and the phones...*sigh* I'm such a lightweight these days. Oh for those college days...

But, I will say that I DO NOT agree with that whole eminent domain thing, and I don't really stand on my porch with the shotgun when trespassers come up. I do stand on the porch, though, but I'm not dumb enough to wave the shotgun at them, jeez. And although I live in the boonies, I don't like the whole idea of someone being able to come in and force me out. I saw that happen when a new highway was put in up in PA, and I kept wondering where all those people went, and how much they got paid to uproot their lives.

And, as for Karl Rove... Look, he only said what all the rest of us are thinking. Well, at least what I've been thinking. Resign, resign, resign...that's becoming the mantra for the Dems, huh?

Oh well, I don't want to go into that, I'll leave that to those bloggers who have a better grip on that story...and I'll go read those blogs too.

I have to go now ("awwwww") because I'm driving Son up to my mom's today, and that's a "three hour tour...a three hour tour..."

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