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June 23, 2005

The Kids are in Bed...

...and I'm havin' a bit of alky-hawl...great time to blog, huh?

Here's something I want you to ponder: who would you want to portray you in a movie about your life? Who would you choose to portray your family members?

I ask this, because for what ever reason, I've been thinking about this lately. Not so much who would "be me" but who would portray members of my family. Or, rather, my in-laws. You see, Husband has six brothers and sisters (!!!) so I have a lot of people to pick. He's got four sisters, and I've already picked Drew Barrymore for the CA sister, and Kate Winslet for one of the PA sisters.

Who would be my husband? No question there, David Schwimmer. Like my husband, Schwimmer is cute, looks kind of geeky, but is a really great guy once you get to know him . Ah, I love my husband...and that way, in this hypothetical movie, I could play me, that way I could make out with David Schwimmer!

Oh, the beauty of a booze fueled blog entry!

You think about that, I'm going to sleep....

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