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June 23, 2005

Going to pick up my wedding dress...

...almost eight years later!

No, this isn't some dippy "RunAway Bride" thing, I just decided that it was about time for me to bring my cleaned and boxed wedding dress home from my mother's house. See, I didn't have room in our old house to store it, and now with the new house I have a whole basement to fill up.

I also decided to bring back some stuff that belonged to my dad. (Sighs deeply) That man's books and videos are a poor substitute, you know?

So I'll be spending part of the day making sure Son has clean clothes and underthings to take for his weekend trip to Gramma's. Son wants to take the Star Wars movies we have and I'll just bet he cons my mother into taking him up to see "Sith" again. She'll love all that, I just know it. Ha ha ha ha...sort of like when she took me to see stuff like "Pretty in Pink." Oh ho ho...

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