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June 22, 2005

That apology

This morning I was trying to listen to Quinn and Rose (linked in the sidebar) and Quinn was talking about Durbin's apology. What I could hear, over Son's monlogue about General Grievous and Obi-Wan (Son has talked about "Sith" constantly since Friday) and Daughter yelling "Gapes, gapes!!" (because she was having some grapes for breakfast), was that Durbin never actually apologized to the military.

Now, it's no secret that I'm a big supporter of the military, for obvious reasons. Yeah, Durbin addressed those who had been through the Holocaust, and made ammends for comparing Gitmo to Pol Pot and the killing fields, but where was the "hey, sorry guys" or something like that for our military down there at Gitmo?

Heh, Quinn also said that if Durbin is so concerned about a "gulag" in Cuba, why doesn't he go over and see what Castro is doing? Hmmmm???

Anyway, I guess now that Durbin has been pressured by the mayor of Chicago to say something, Nancy Pelosi is coming up to "make the Republicans feel the heat," or some such babble.

You know, it's interesting, really, that the Dems are so hell bent on this whole Gitmo thing. Better they should look into how our own guys are treated in captivity. Honestly, did any of those sixties hippie goobers cry over our guys and their treatment in, say, the "Hanoi Hilton?" Did Jane Fonda cry over that, or was she just so focused on the VC?

Pointless to ask that question now, but it really galls me that the treatment of enemy combatants is given more attention than how our own troops are doing.

For some really good discussion, go over to this fellow blogger's place.

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