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June 21, 2005

Fish out of water

This morning Son got up and said he didn't want to go to swimming lessons. Even though I assured him he could wear his goggles today, he still acted terrified of going. Well, I'm not going to force him, I don't want him to have a fear of water or anything. He's so afraid of getting water in his eyes...I felt really bad, because he was so excited about learning to swim, and now this. He must have really had a scare last week. Hopefully when we go up to my sister's for the Fourth, Son will be able to relax and let Husband and Niece and Nephew teach him to swim. We'll see.

Husband stated that Son always gets all excited over something, only to lose interest in a few days. I said that maybe his self-confidence was shot over what happened Friday...the apple doesn't fall far from the tree there, as I have no confidence at all. I got a snort at that comment.

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