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June 21, 2005

How am I??

So last night I get a comment on my Trent Lott/Dick Durbin post from a seriously Liberal online aquaintance, and aside from questioning the "America hating" stuff I posted, he asked how I've been.

Well, do you really want to know? Because I'm feeling rather like a big purse: unzip me and dump me over, contents spilling everywhere.

As far as that whole open-mind thing where politics is concerned, well, it wore me out. I read Kos, I even read another blog by a card carrying member of the ACLU (and blog rolled them both, briefly) and you know what? I just got really pissed off and a bad case of acid reflux. No offense, but some of the stuff I read was so far over to the Left these people are going to just fall off. It made Howard Dean look calm and quiet!

And do you want to know what really chapped my ass? The attitude I got that if one is a Christian and a conservative, then that person is a raving militant lunatic. Oh really??? I'm not going to start down the religion path here, but I do happen to know a Liberal who is also a Christian, and I'm sure there are a few more out there. But since when was is such a bad thing to be white and Christian, huh Howie Dean? I don't have a damn KKK robe (look in Byrd's closet), and I never once in my life said "God hates fags."

I'm stopping there with that line of thought. Suffice it to say that I'm hanging back, listening and watching, and getting sick and tired of the MSM and Howard Dean appealing to those waaaaaaay over on the Left. Because I have to take Son to swimming lessons so early in the morning, I'm able to listen to conservative talk radio a bit more, and agreeing with everything I hear.

Otherwise, do you all really want to hear about how I have to chase Daughter around the school while Son has his swimming lesson? That Son is now petrified to get in the pool since he got his face in the water on Friday? That the deer at our concord grape leaves and the beans? Health-wise the kids are great, Son is actually over 40 pounds (barely) and had a great eye check-up yesterday.

Father's Day made me think of my father, who died almost 9 years ago. My step-father is a great person, really, but still, my dad isn't here, never met his grandkids, didn't get to see the "Lord of the Rings" movies that I know he would have loved. We could have gone to see "Sith," he would have loved that too...so I've been a bit moody about that too.

How have I been. I've been parenting to the best of my ability and trying to make sense out of the crap going on in this country. That's how I've been. I'm still in a pissy mood from last week.

Here's a parting thought: Iraq wants religion to play a part in their developing government. So how come we in the U.S. are getting slammed for, say, the Pledge of Allegiance because of two little words? Funny, isn't it? We can't even have a cross on a public monument or display the Ten Commandments. What's next, huh? Are the Leftists going to rip crosses off of headstones in cemetaries?

Aaaagggghhhh!!! I'm mad as hell....and you don't know the power...of a seriously pissed off mother...who can't smoke anymore...so shut up.

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