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June 18, 2005

Goin' to the drive-in

So, last night we took the younglings to the drive-in to see that movie I shan't mention. This drive-in boasts four screens, and none are labeled, so we had no idea which screen we were parked in front of. I had to run over to some other vehicle and check, and a good thing I did, or we'd have been watching "Shark Boy and Lava Girl." We moved in time, though.

Daughter was so excited to be out of her car seat that she crawled all over the place, finally falling asleep in my arms. I'm amazed she slept like she did, as the sound was pretty loud. I like this listening on the radio thing, and it was FM, so we had stereo...

Son liked the movie, and claimed the part where someone burns up didn't scare him. Well, the fact that it was the drive-in lessened the impact a bit.

But what I still can't grasp is these "obliviots" who start up there cars and the lights just turn on and ruin the whole thing. Hello! One tap on the emergency brake will shut off the daytime running lamps! TRY IT SOMETIME! And I was ready to go smash the bitch who parked her damn car in front of us, lights on, so she could take a cell phone call. ARGH! Stupid ass...if I hadn't had Daughter asleep in my arms I would have gotten out and smashed her damn lights.

And why did the people next to us bring their dog? The damn thing ran around the whole time, barking. Ugh.

A great perk to having the kids out and about after midnight was that they slept in pretty late this morning, allowing Husband and I to sleep in as well. Ahhhhh...that feeling of waking up and seeing that it's 9:00 a.m. I haven't slept that late since I had the stomach flu.

That being said, I must go tend the laundry, get a shower, and bake a cake for Husband. I promised him his favorite cake and tapioca pudding for Father's Day.

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