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June 16, 2005

Better today

Go over and read Straka today as it's a lot better than it was the other day. He still talks about the whole celebrity thing, but his Obliviot thing at the end is good.

Which leads me to a Grrr of my own once again. We're thinking about taking the kids up to the drive-in this weekend to see that movie I promised not to talk about again. Normally I like the drive-in; the kids can get comfy and not bother anyone else, we can talk, that sort of thing. But the last time we went (which was about two years ago) the parents let their kids run all over like lunatics. Folks, my truck was in "park" but there were several vehicles coming in to find a spot that weren't. And what's up with the jackass that can't figure out that the running lamps do in fact turn on when one starts the vehicle?

One tap on the parking break fixes that...just remember to release the break when you leave.

Poo. I'm just tired and still in the shitty mood I was in last night.

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