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June 10, 2005

Bought another Vanity Fair

Yes, I did it, I bought another Vanity Fair mag. Well, I'll admit, I wanted to read that article about Micheal "come here little boy" Jackson...and OKAY! I plan on reading that Deep Throat article too. I haven't read it yet, so I don't know just where this man was coming from, so I won't offer up any kind of commentary at this juncture! Wouldn't be prudent!

Whilst Son and I were making out parking lot trek into the mall last night, I spotted a minivan with a sticker proclaming "HILLARY IN 2008!" on the rear window. What did I do? Not a darn thing. I kept on walking. BUT!! Right next to said sticker was another one proclaiming "FAMILY OUTCAST." Hmmmm....I don't suppose that's because they like Hillarious, huh?

I shan't pass judgement. I won't. I choose not to put anything on my SUV...but I may bend eventually and put a "WILDCATS!" sticky something on there somewhere, as wildcats are the school mascot around here. Go Cats!


You know, in my travels around this blogosphere thing, I've noticed quite a few people devote days of the week to certain things, for example "White Trash Wednesday," which is pretty funny. Well, while driving up to the mall last night I had a thought (I do that sometimes...think) and decided I was going to do something just for me, and any of the women who happen by here, and that is devoting a day to a hot guy. You know, who I think is really cute at that time. Does that make sense? Husband snorted at the idea last night.

I welcome any Hot Guy selections that you ladies have, as some of my selections may make one wonder just what the hell I'm drinking when I make my choice. I'm mulling a good title as I write this, and hope to have something posted by the time we leave today for Dreary Erie.

But right now I need coffee!

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