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June 09, 2005

Go read these blogs!

Gang, as I have nothing of note to discuss at this time, I'm going to steer you over to some blogs that I've discovered and want to share with you. Most are on the roll call, and one will be added sometime today.

First, go over to An American Housewife. I like the way this lady speaks, she's not afraid to just lay it out. So go check it out! You can come back here for the rest!

Last night, while perusing Nickie Goomba I read the glowing review of another blog, this one from a young lady in Sardinia who, if I may quote, "She idolizes Ronald Reagan, admires Natan Sharansky, and despises the ACLU."

So, as a favor to Nickie Goomba, and to me, go check out Free Thoughts. If not for me, then for Nickie Goomba!

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