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June 03, 2005

Stupid bastard

So, I'm reading the latest US magazine and I get to the "Celebrity Feuds of the Week" section. Now granted, taking advice from Hulk Hogan is the last thing I'd do, but reading about who's fighting with whom is pretty interesting, so I was curious when I saw Tom Cruise was "feuding" with Brooke Shields.

Apparently, Cruise has a bug up his butt because Shields took Paxil for postpartum depression. According to that short shit, Shields should have taken vitamins for it!

Typical of a damn man. They have all the answers, don't they? Especially about women. Oh yeah, I'd like to see Cruise pass a bowling ball out his ass and have his tits swell up and then see how good he feels. What does he, or any man for that matter, know what goes on when a woman has a baby? It's not like the damn diaper commercials, you know?

Hulk said Cruise should "live and let live," and that Shields "did what she had to do."

Damn right.

I've never liked that ass ape Cruise, and now I really don't. Stupid bastard.

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