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May 31, 2005

My opinions, here

I read over at someone's online diary, okay, over at Daily Kos, that Laura Bush is a maggot! Uh-huh. I won't go into the whole "pot/kettle" thing...

I also read an interesting post over at Michelle Malkin concerning some, er, interesting and oddly award winning artwork. Yeah, okay, if that's "art" please let me photograph the contents of Daughter's diapers and show those off.

Deep Throat has been revealed. He's a hero! He's a snake! He's a hero! He's a bitter second-in-charge who was mad at Nixon! He's a hero!

Gang, seeing as how I was about four years old when this all happened, can anyone tell me why in the hell this man would be hailed as a hero? Oh, he was mad at Nixon. Now I get it! The whole "bad Republican" thing that started with Nixon was because he had someone break into DNC headquarters! Naughty Dick!

Give me a break. Hero? Please explain, because I just don't get it.

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