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May 30, 2005

My little weekend update

I'm watching "Kelly's Heroes" right now, and I just have one question: Is this a WW II movie or a Vietnam protest movie? Anybody? Anybody?

So, it's Memorial Day, and while I'd rather be outside doing something, I'm sick and just don't want to move off the couch. The glands in my neck are so swollen it looks like my head is on crooked, and my throat is so sore that swallowing is impossible. If I still feel this bad tomorrow, I'll go to the doctor, by then I'll be in day four of this stuff.

I got up Saturday morning feeling like this, but I had promised Son I would take him to see "Madagascar," so I hauled my ample arse out of bed and started my Saturday chores in the time we had before the flick started. Son and I left the house about an hour or so before the movie started, and we went to Lowe's and got a rhododendron (hopefully the deer won't eat that) and then off to the bookstore...again. I know, we just went last week, but it's my vice.

While walking with Son past the sports store in the mall I noticed a display of Che Guevara shirts. I stopped, right there, and exclaimed "Who in the hell would wear that?" Oh yeah, I got a few snotty looks from the sales personnel, but screw 'em. I doubt, really, that anyone in the age group those shirts are aimed at even knows who or what Che was. I say, learn about that man and then if you still want to wear it, fine, but know something about what you have on your chest.

We got to the movie early, and a good thing, because the place filled up fast. Son and I munched down our popcorn and pop and were having a great time watching the previews. All was well until three preteen girlies sat behind us. They couldn't just sit and watch the flick, they had to talk, comment, get up to pee or buy crap from the concession stand, and, this is the worst, kick my seat. Oooohh, I was getting so damn mad. I kept turning around and giving them nasty looks, but they never stopped.

Yeah, I know, "You should have said something, Vic" but I guess I gave those kids too much credit. I was taught to keep my feet off the seat in front of me if someone is sitting in it...of course, the last time I was dropped off at the flicks was to see "Every Which Way But Loose."

Damn kids. Needless to say, by the time they stopped and I may have been able to enjoy the movie, I had to pee so bad I couldn't concentrate. Luckily the movie was almost over. Son and I did our business in the lavatory and went home.

The rest of the weekend was so-so. Church and brunch on Sunday. Son didn't want to go to children's church because no one ever wants to talk to him or play with him, so he stayed with Husband and I while Daughter went to the playroom. It wasn't bad.

Today I guess we're going to grill burgers. Nothing big around here.

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