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May 28, 2005

A laugh for you

I wanted to post this little funny story for you, something to make you chuckle. I plan on enjoying the weekend with my little family unit, taking Son to the movies, working through the stack of new books I've acquired, and trying to stay off the Internet... So I'll leave you with this little story:

Today as Son was getting off the school bus he started frantically clutching his crotch and said "I've got to go the bathroom!" Well, not wanting to make the poor kid suffer any longer, I hustled him over to a shaded area, where no one could see him from the road, and told him to just go. Well, all was fine, he was at the ready, but I didn't move fast enough, and you guessed it...I got peed on! But Son felt a lot better, and I hurried him into the truck and up to the house so I could change my pants.

I hope you all have a very safe Memorial Day weekend!

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