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May 27, 2005

Don't watch this

Last night on NBC Nightly News, they ran a story about a television station owner in NC who will refuse to run programs he considers offensive. There is some conservative group out there who agrees with this.

I can't remember names and what not, so bear with me.

There are groups out there who advocate the V-chip and parental locks on the remote control. The more conservative group feels these are useless, no one can figure out how to use them and so forth.

I say, well then, if you don't like it, turn it off! Monitor what your kids are watching. That last statement is easy for me to say because my kids are still young and love to watch PBS Kids, Boomerang, Animal Planet, stuff like that. I don't worry about my kids seeing something questionable, because I know what they're watching.

But, does this station owner have the right to decide what goes on and what doesn't? Is this censorship? Does the "freedom of speech" argument apply?

I don't know, frankly, and I hate to throw that "censorship" thing out, but I guess what sticks in my craw is that...well...why aren't the parents making these decisions instead of TV station owners?

Yes, I know, not all parents have the time to monitor the way I do, and as kids get older they're bound to see stuff somewhere else, no matter what we do in our own homes.

Once again, I'm looking at this in my simple way...but just how am I supposed to look at this? As a mom? A conservative? I get so confused!!

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