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May 24, 2005

Tuesday's blathering

The coffee just isn't doing it for me this morning. I can't wake up! As my mom always says, "It must be the barometric pressure." It's raining and gloomy, not very inspiring, and I can't get motivated to do anything. Oh yeah, I did pack Son's lunch...

I was going to run in to Wal-Mart today with Daughter, but I don't want to haul her out in the rain, and I really should get some vacuuming done around here. It doesn't look like the public restroom at a gas station yet, but I need to do something.

The only thing is, Daughter see the vacuum, gets all excited, and then rides the canister portion sidesaddle. I kid you not. I'm always afraid I'll be pulling the vac along and she'll tumble ass over tea kettle off the damn thing. The things we do for clean floors.

Husband said something the other day about me always seeing the negative. He used as an example, of all things, "Kelly's Heroes." Ever see that flick? It's a WW II movie, with Donald Sutherland as some hippie dippy tank commander. And some sixties crappy crap folk hippy song for the theme music. Ummm...'kay. So, Husband proceeds to tell me that I'm like Gavin MacCloud's (sp?) (Capt. Steubing from the Love Boat) character, all negative, and Husband starts quoting Sutherland's "mellow out" crap.

I gave Husband a snotty look and said, "You know damn well I have never seen that whole movie, and I don't even like it, so stop telling me I'm like Captain Steubing!"

By the way, I DO like WW II movies, just not that particular one. I think Husband watches that so much because he knows it bugs me. Well, really, even if it was made in the late sixties or when ever, they could have at least had better music.

Oooof. It's really raining pitchforks and tom cats now!

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