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May 23, 2005


And I'm always thinking about you folks, because sitting down to this blog has given me a chance to keep my brain going, instead of falling into decay. And Husband likes it because it keeps me from spending money on Amazon.com. So, here I sit, broken hearted, paid a dime and only....HEY!! Stay on track here.

Here I sit, with my Led Zeppelin mug full of mountain grown goodness, to talk about something I woke up thinking about this morning. Let's talk about "another Pleasant Valley Sunday, here in status symbol land..." Ooops, lapsing in to the Monkees here...

We got up yesterday, Sunday, and Husband had the whole day planned out. Church, brunch, park. Okay, we all got showered and ready to go (Daughter in her purple capris, just too cute.) We get to church and...let me put in here that we have become "fair weather Christians." It isn't that we don't like church, it's just that sometimes our schedule is messed up, Husband is out of town for his job, stuff like that.

So we get there, and I think at this point enough of the congregants (is that right?) know us but don't know us, ya know? Anyway, it begins. Let me say, I'm not going to go into denominations or anything, suffice to say that this church isn't like what I'm used to. Lots of singing, LOTS, almost 45 minutes, and it's mostly contemporary Christian. I don't mind, I like that stuff, most of the time if you heard it and didn't know what it was you'd think it was a love song. But still, 45 minutes is a bit much.

And a bit much for this conservative Lutheran, let me tell you! But, Husband and I are comfortable with the Pastor's style, it's more like a Bible study than a sermon. And there is a great children's church and toddler playroom, so the kids like that.

We did brunch, ate WAY TOO MUCH and then off to the playground for the kids to run around. It was a nice day, which was so nice that we all came home and fell asleep. All four of us.

AND THEN! Husband and I sat down to watch "The Conquerers" on the History channel last night. It's Civil War week, and well, how could we resist. On the way home from the playground we smelled wood smoke, and I looked over at Husband and said:

"Smell that!"

H: "Yes, and look out the window." (Big, open field). "I see that, and almost want to go grab the Enfield and put the wool on."

ME: "Yeah, almost makes me want to put on the petticoats and the dress. Gawd I miss reenacting sometimes."

[Here is where I tell you that if I can find a pic of me in said getup I will post it. Good for a laugh anyway.]

So, we watch this History channel show, all about Sherman (my hero), and Husband and I launch into a great discussion of why we just can't employ those "marching to the sea" tactics today. Well, that's another topic for another time, and we could never do that anyway, because certain factions in the U.S. would cry "FOUL!" if we tried it.

I can't decide, though, if I like Capt. Dale Dye or R. Lee Ermey (Gunny) better. R. Lee did put on a Zouave uniform, but Dye was in Band of Brothers. Ah, but Gunny was in "Full Metal Jacket" ("you had best un-fuck yourself..."). I think I shall go with The Gunny.

Rambling, yes I am.

Going to run, I must get Son up and ready for school. I'm getting ye olde hair cut this morning; I colored it last night, going back to brown brown brown.

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