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May 21, 2005

It's now later...

...the same day...

THE Kids just went outside to annoy Husband for a while. Husband is out back, switching the septic tank, so....well, it's maintenance, I'll leave it at that.

Son and I went to the mall to go book shopping. He'd come home with "book fair" thingies; 20% of the purchase at this book store would go to the Elementary school. Well, twist my arm, there's nothing I like to do more than go to a book store. I'd rather buy books than food. Really. It's my vice.

I like going to the mall with Son. He gets so excited over little things, like gumball machines. I bought him one, and he chewed and chewed. Oh, what books did we get? Well, Son got the requisite dinosaur book and a Scooby Doo reader. I got a book for Husband, a presidential reference thing (Son was asking about the presidents this morning at breakfast), and a great book for me. "The Vast LEFT WING Conspiracy."

A book I cannot WAIT to sit down with. Although, with Hilary, Al Franken, Dean, Kerry, Soros, and Michael Moore on the cover, this is one book I won't have on the bedside table. Eeeesh... I mean, can you imagine waking up and seeing Michael Moore's fat smarmy face looking back at you. Woof!

Anyhoo, I also picked up the "Brothers in Arms" PlayStation game for Husband. Early Father's Day gift, I guess.

So now I'm sitting here in a snit because I'm once again up against cooking something for dinner. I hate cooking. I hate it. And I can't suggest going out to eat...budget and all that stuff. I guess my mood could be attributed to my new Coca-Cola less life. I'd sell my kids for a bottle right now. And today is the day I usually change all the bedding in the house, and I have to say, you try making a king size bed with a 20 month old rolling around on it. I put Daughter on the floor, the little stinker gets right back up there. UGH!

Dammit, time to go hoist the wet clothes into the dryer. Some days, SOME DAYS...


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