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May 19, 2005

Thoughts and musings...

I just got out of bed a bit ago, and I'm still rubbing sleep from my eyes. Old Juan Valdez will be working overtime today, count on that. But, I had some thoughts, sitting here waiting for the coffee to drip.

Last night I took the kids up to McD's (or "house of fat" to me) to pick up something for dinner. (Damn Paul Newman, your Ranch dressing kept repeating on me like an old record...) Anyhoo, while we were driving to HOF I was behind a BMW convertible. You know, the James Bond-y looking one. So, I didn't tailgate, keeping at least a car length behind...but this morning I wondered if this man, an older man but that's not important, looked in his rearview mirror and thought "Holy jumping catfish. Look at that SUV compared to me!"

I know when I ride in Husband's little "pregnant rollerskate" that I feel like that. I just wondered if that guy got a little nervy. Trust me when I say I don't drive like a bunghole, that guy shouldn't have been nervy about that. Just the size difference...


So, "Sith" is officially out. Great, I cannot wait to see it. I saw a few little snippets about the release on the local news, and I didn't even giggle at the viewers who dressed up. How could I, when I pondered tricking out in full 1860's regalia for the first showing of "Gods and Generals." The only thing that stopped me was that I was pregnant with Daughter and in that trimester of nausea and constant bathroom stops. I'll let your imaginations wander off to that...


I read over at another blog that the blogowner thinks all those who were in favor of going into Iraq should go over and fight now. Well, she was agreeing with and basically quoting something Bill Maher had said...but I read that particular post with a bit of amusement. I don't disagree with sending Britney Spears and her, um, ahem (gag) husband. Heck, send Michael Jackson too. Oh wait, that might make the U.S. look even worse. Can't you see it: "Come hear little Iraqi boys (HEE HEE, OWWW!!!), let me give you some "juice" and a nice deep tissue massage (HEE HEE, OWWWW!!!) Look at these pictures while I put my hand right....HEE HEE, OWWWW!!!"

On second thought, maybe not.

BUT!! She also said, or Bill Maher said, that Brooks and Dunn should go. OH NO! I LOVE THOSE BOYS! I saw them in concert last year, it was awesome, best show...Okay, is my red neck showing? They are so...awesome. And Kix Brooks...mmmmm, mustache....

Oh! Sorry, drifted off there.

And I'm a country music fan because it's good music and the music I grew up with. Politics and patriotism have nothing to do with it. And I wasn't a Dixie Chicks fan to begin with, so their statement of a few years back had no effect on me. I have never liked them.

OY! I hear daughter, up already. Another day begins...

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