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May 13, 2005

"Is C-3PO gay?"

Let me begin by saying last night I was watching SNL reruns on E!, a channel I seldom watch, but I needed a good laugh. So, this channel runs those "crawls" at the bottom of the screen on the half hour, and what do I see?

"Do Wookees shower? What is a Sith? Is C-3PO gay?" Apparently, on the E! website, there are "Eleven Mysteries" about Star Wars that are being answered. And NO, I'm not checking it out.

Now, why...in the heck...does it matter if a robot is gay? Hey, I'm looking forward to seeing "Sith" also, perhaps not as much as some of the more enthusiastic fans out there, but I want to see it. I'm also not up on all the terminology or anything, so for the sake of argument, may I call C-3PO a robot?

Anyway, why has it come to this? No, I don't really care if Chewie takes a shower. And as for "gay robots," oh good heavens. Okay, what qualifies as being gay? A British accent, being able to speak hundreds of languages, being neat, having good manners... British men should be really offended.

Overlooking the fact that there is no noticable genitalia (my stars, why am I talking about this?), THIS IS A MOVIE. Who cares about the sexual preference of any of the characters? Oh sure, it did get a bit "Flowers in the Attic" there, when we found out Luke and Leia were siblings, but that ended pretty quick.

My goodness, can't we just enjoy this movie without having to speculate about which way robots swing? Good LORD! (Said in exasperation...)

I just had to comment on this. By the way, I also saw that Sharon Stone adopted another little boy. Great! Best of luck to you, Ms. Stone. I applaud you and your giving a baby a loving home.

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