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May 08, 2005

Happy Mother's Day

We, the family and I, just got back a bit ago from my Mother's Day lunch. It was nice; we took a long drive to Outback Steakhouse (and it is a long drive for us) and were right on time to get in when the doors opened. It was nice, the kids were good, and we're all stuffed.

Daughter, however, was introduced to the Crayola Wonder Markers this morning, and had to take one of them with her to lunch. That was fine, until I had to pry her little hands off of them for her nap. She kicked, she screamed, I think she even bit Husband while he brushed her teeth, and then while I was pulling her pants up after changing her diaper, she yanked a big handful of my hair.

Happy Mother's Day.

I got a nice arrangement of flowers yesterday from my mom and step-dad. I also got an 800 minute calling card from them; they don't like it when I use my cell to call. Husband surprised me with a rocking chair for the porch. Son came home from school Friday afternoon with all sorts of "Why I Love My Mom" stuff they'd colored in school, and this morning presented me with a homemade card.

Just the nice, quiet day that I wanted.

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