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May 06, 2005

Mother's Day and other topics

With Mother's Day fast approaching, so come the commercials asking "Isn't Mom worth it?" and the annual speculation of just how much a stay-at-home mom would make, salary-wise, if she got paid. I'm not even going to touch that salary question. As a SAHM, I'm rather biased and somewhat scornful of those speculations. I'm also very defensive about what I do and the reasons I chose to do it. I don't NOT work outside the home because I'm lazy (like someone I know...) and I don't NOT work outside the home because I'm too stupid to handle it.

The kids come first, folks. I was pregnant with my first child when the Columbine tragedy occurred. Now, how was I to look at that and all the talk afterwards about how both sets of parents worked outside the home? To be sure, my parents worked when I was a kid, but I didn't have a VCR, or cable, or the Internet. It was the 80's folks, and we lived in a rural area. I got into the liquor cabinet, but that's it.

But I'm old fashioned in that I firmly believe in a parent being home with and for the kids. I'd gladly hand this over to Husband, but there's no way I could make the kind of money he makes. I'm no June Cleaver, but I would have fit in great in the 1950's.

Anyway, as for being a SAHM, I still get those dull-eyed looks from people at, oh, class reunions. Someone I've know since Kindergarten said "Oh, so you're just a mom?" Still another "friend" said "You don't have the satisfaction of looking at an end result at the end of the day, do you?" Oh what the hell...how about just getting through another day, getting the kids bathed and put to bed? Seeing them laugh, learn new things? Seeing Daughter, with her ears probably so full of infected crap at this point (thank you, ENT doc and your head up your bum) actually hearing me say "Stand up and hold that bar so Mommy can wash your heinie?" And she did it. It's those little things.

So what do I want for Mother's Day? I don't know. It's a nice sentiment and all, but let's be honest here, it's just another Greeting Card induced day.

But I'm not in the greatest mood right now, so forgive me.


Tony Blair won a third term. Hmmm...with what I've been able to glean from the news as late, they made it sound like the man was goin' down hard. An attempt to compare that election to our last national election? Hmmm...media hype? Liberal media hype? Hmmm.....

So the judge in the Lynndie England trial threw out her guilty plea. Do I understand his motivation to be that she, Lynndie, is mentally incompetent? Was that what I heard? And Graner said those photos were for "training purposes." Okay, what the hell? I'll say this, that prisoner abuse was wrong, but somewhere in our minds we know this happens in any conflict. What was really ass stupid was taking pictures. Please people, in this day and age those things were just destined to get out to the general public. As for Lynndie England, well, she should have had the brains to say "Hell no." That Graner must have been a pistol in the sack, I don't know, but she should face punishment for this. Yes, what the Iraqis did, or what Saddam had them do, to their own people was disgusting and awful, but that prisoner abuse stuff was just petty and stupid. Respect other cultures, please.

Bush demoted the person in charge of Abu Ghraib to Colonel. Okay, Georgie, I love ya and all, but that's it?

The "Number 3" guy was caught the other day. Was it just me or did he look like a bad cosmetology practice head in those photos. Thank goodness it wasn't like that other guy, "Mr. So Hairy I Look Like I'm Wearing a Sweater."

Locally, hmmm, well, the band director at the local high school (the district we're in) apparently had a three year sexual relationship with a female student. I guess she really wanted a music scholarship, that's the gossip I heard. Thank goodness Son is only in Kindergarten.

Well, I'm spent. While I vowed I would try to stay away from hot button issues, I had to comment.

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