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May 05, 2005

Rolling Stone

Why, oh why, do I still subscribe to Rolling Stone? It must be a nod to my liberal college days, I don't know. All I know is this, I got the mail today, and since I had to wait for Son's bus to come, I figured "What the hell, I'll give it look." Orlando Bloom was on the cover...that yummy piece of eye candy, AND Robert Plant was interviewed. I'm a big Zeppelin fan...

I start perusing, and I'm met with pictures of skanky looking people, and an ad with a shot of Velvet Revolver...give up the horse, Scott Weiland, you look like a prisoner. And what the hell was with those shots of Crue? Ugh, they look worse than Keith Richards.

And I get to the Plant interview...oh my heavens, why did they get THISCLOSE to the man to take his picture? Not attractive. I literally shouted "Oh my GOD!" several times and had to fold the page over. That bad, folks.

I didn't even get to the Orlando Bloom stuff, as the bus arrived, and by that time I was so disgusted with the Christianity, Republican, Bush bashing tripe that I threw it in the recycle pile.

If you like that magazine, more power to ya. I guess I'm gettin' too old to appreciate it.

I must go, if I keep going I know I'll piss somebody off with my negative opinions of Green Day and the rest of those liberal fuckers.

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