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May 05, 2005

More Tales of The Ear

As you may know, after reading a previous post titled "Ears," today was to be the day Daughter got her ear tubes. Well, now, no, it isn't. Long story short, the nurse at the doc's office couldn't get the insurance thing straight, so now this procedure is on hold until we, Husband and I, straighten this out.

I choose to look to the positive in this situation, in that this is Someone telling me that now I have time to get Daughter over this cold she has.

Here's the interesting part: the nurse claims to have been trying to call the house for a week and a half with no luck. Now, I'm not always on the Internet (we have the outdated one phone line...) so she didn't try very hard. She also stated that she "doesn't have time" to straighten this out. Oh, okay, and Husband and I have all the time in the world. And I've got all this time that I want to spend taking Daughter back and forth to the pediatrician.

You watch, I'll bet you within a couple days Daughter is screaming and pulling those ears again. And the pediatrician will look at me like I'm clueless and why doesn't she have those tubes yet? Yeah, I want to pump another course of antibiotics through her system.

I've stated before that I wasn't happy with this ENT doc and his attitude. Now I'm not too pleased with his staff. Hey, we're not some white trash family trying to con them into a free ear surgery. Come on!

I would LOVE to tell those people to shove it, but alas, this procedure would start all over again with some other doctor, so I'll keep my piehole shut. Husband is going to handle this today, as far as calling his insurance carrier, calling the doc's office, so forth. He's the one who knows all about this stuff... I think he was a bit surprised last night when I told him "Hey, we obviously can't get this thing fixed tonight, so let's just table it until tomorrow." Yeah, I was pissed, but the fact that I wasn't stomping around the house in a rant surprised him.

BUT, I'm looking at this as a sign. There is a reason this is happening, and it can only be in Daughter's favor.

Still, though, and I'm only going to say this here: GODDAMN BASTARDS!! I don't even know who I should be mad at, or if I should be mad at all. At this point, I'm just fed up.

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