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April 27, 2005

Good news

Well, the job situation with my husband isn't as bleak as we thought it would be. Eleventh hour finagling, as it were, which we are both happy about. Although I was looking forward to having my husband around the house a bit more, I'm grateful someone pulled this out of their behind.

I realized that my initial intent with this blog seems to have fallen a bit by the wayside. I wanted to talk about more than just the asinine current events (and they are asinine, admit it), talking a bit about my kids. Despite what I may have said before, they are great kids and I love them enormously.

My daughter, the little monkey, is at this moment enthralled by the Teletubbies. Can anyone tell my why flatulence noises are so entertaining? Anyway, she's my doll-baby, taking a few moments to walk up and said "HI!" and smile her four tooth smile. She gives me "five" with her sweaty, sticky little hand and to see her one would think this is the greatest thing she's ever done.

My four tooth-ed wonder. I don't know why she's suffering a lack of teeth, it doesn't stop her from devouring everything in arm's reach.

And she's a monkey, climbing anything she can, including the baby gate I used to put in my son's bedroom doorway. She figured that out, so we had to take it down for safety reasons. Now I can't keep her out of her big brother's room.

Hey, going now. Things are looking a hell of a lot better than they were last night!

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