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April 12, 2005

Feelin' GASSY!

I'm sure anyone who ever actually sees this will be just thrilled at the title for this entry. Oh well, piss off if you don't like it!

I have to smile at my husband. He was playing Need for Speed - he wanted to "win something"- and so was playing those challenge races to "unlock" certain cars or race courses. He won one of the races, but got disgusted after a while because of the way the game was going. He plopped the controller down and shut off the system in a huff. It just makes me smile to see him get so snitty over a game.

Boring and boring. Not much here today; I stayed home with my daughter and did laundry and what not. Since the Kindergarten Parent lunch got moved to another day, my husband is still going to take the whole day off and come with me to the doctor appointment for our daughter. For this I have ironed a blouse AND gotten out my Levi's. This is a big deal because these jeans are pre-second baby and they fit, AND they're loose in the butt and thighs. To anyone who has had more than one child this is a big deal. I feel so slim in those jeans, even though they are a size 12.

My son was really tired tonight. That poor kid, all he wants to do is go to the library and I've avoided it. Well, actually, there were very valid reasons why we couldn't go all those times, so I just told him that we could go Saturday and then go get something to eat. He'll like that, and then he can get groceries with me. Oh, he loves that because then he can con me into buying a ton of cookies and candy.

Ah, well, perhaps I'll take a turn at the Playstation. I was going to have more beer, but if I do I'll get all buzzy, and I have to shave my legs tonight. Never shave your legs if you've been drinking. The last time I did that was Christmas Eve, and my husband was amazed that I still had a leg!

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