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April 11, 2005


A friend of mine suggested starting up a blog in order to give myself a forum to express my feelings about this and that, what ever. Well, good idea I say, as it's probably the only way I'll be able to bitch about the G**D*** liberals without getting competely slammed. (Although I'm sure if anyone actually reads this damn thing someone will get a fart crosswise.)

BUT, let me say I don't intend for this to be solely about my loathing of all things Democrat. Ah, no, noodle boy, I'm also a stay-at-home mom, so I have PLENTY to gripe about there. Not always gripe, I have to ammend, but these days...don't get me started!

As the title says, this is Monday. My husband, oh he of the compressed work schedule, has the day off and is at this very moment puttering around outside with the tractor. He managed to acquire some plantings and what not from his mother and is now trying to clear space for them. And for a swing set, which I keep threatening to buy if he doesn't hustle up and just make one himself. For Pete's sake, we have all these damn trees that were cut down, just make one like you say, right? Sheesh.

On the domestic front, today was the ever hated, always dreaded grocery day, but the up side was that I was able to leave my 1 1/2 year old home with my husband. I love this, it gives me an opportunity to drive with the radio REALLY LOUD and scream along at my heart's content. I heard "Proud Mary" ala Tina and Ike, on the drive home. Yeah, I blubbered along...

The reason why I mentioned the grocery shopping was that I managed to make a mess. I was checking out the 20 Mule Team Borax and unbekownst to me spilled some all over the floor. I almost fell on my ample ass, but caught myself and skulked away to the other side of Wal-Mart to look for, I don't know, something else.

So now I have a stocked pantry AND a case of beer. Livin', just livin'!

Hopefully my five year old will bring home info about the Kindergarten Parent lunch on Wednesday. This gives the parents an opportunity to have lunch, at school, with their kid. A fine idea, capital, but why in the hell couldn't they send home something, say, a week in advance? I can't go, I have to take my daughter to the ENT specialist (another rant I'll go into later) and so my husband is going, and since he works an hour away he chose to just take the whole day off. (That work he does, another time!) Anyway, I just think it's damn stupid, not to mention rude, not to give the parents a "heads up."

Stupid bastard liberal school districts anyway!

Hey!!! Why are these damn Dems so afraid of John Bolton anyway? Afraid of the TRUTH??? Stupid bastard liberal goddamn...ARGH!!! Down with the UN!!!

My favorite cooking show is about to start, so I'm going to go watch it. "Paula's Home Cooking," check it out!!!

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