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December 16, 2005

Yes, gentle readers...

...there were Christmas parties at Son's school today. What a time, I can tell you. We moms were ready to go, organized, and at one point I felt like a waitress, with orange punch in one hand, red punch in the other.

Decaf? Regular?

Anyway, I forgot how kids that age just let it all hang out. Literally, in one case, as the little girl who sits next to Son had her pants unzipped and her belly hanging out.


And kids belch. Without guilt.

I had gotten Nickelodeon candy canes (with characters on them) and, as expected, someone (unzipped pants girl) yelped about getting yucky Jimmy Neutron. Hello? Trade? Everyone else was.

Sheesh. I'm glad I only have to do one party a year, but the kids had a good time, and Son brought home all kinds of candy. I already swiped the chocolate covered marshmallow Santa, so don't even ask.

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