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January 31, 2006


The haircut wasn't that bad. I was one of the first clients of the day, so there was only one other person there, so the younglings didn't annoy anyone, just amused the girl who cuts my hair.

The real fun came when I tried to go look at clothes at Kaufmann's. Daughter wandered off and there I was, screaming like a mother in a Lifetime movie. Luckily one of the clerks brought her back to me. But, within seconds of that reunion Daughter managed to knock down a display, prompting Son and I to haul Daughter out of the mall.

Son's teacher just called about 15 minutes ago; we had a brief talk about how Son is doing in school, and it wasn't anything new to me. Suffice it to say, I was correct in assuming his stomach aches are ways to avoid going to school.

What to do? Reinforce that neither I, his Dad, or his teacher are going to be mad at him if he doesn't grasp new material right away.

Gawd, I feel like I'm living in a bad chick-lit novel.

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