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February 24, 2006

What a....

Found this bit via Agent Bedhead (thanks, hon!):

Looks like Guns N' Roses (or as I like to call them Runs N' Noses) is leaking. New songs, that is. Off that Chinese Democracy album. You know, that urban legend that 's been floating around for years.

Um, yeah...I was a Guns fan back in the day. Who wasn't? Didn't we all scream "WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE" once in a while?

Does anyone really care at this point though? Axl Rose, oh he of the botox and corn rows (not attractive on a redheaded white guy) should just pack it up and leave the stage to, oh...Velvet Revolver! And I hate to say that I agree with Howard Stern...when did Axl go from being "so cool to being a douche?"

Ha ha...go pick another fight with Vince Neil, you schmuck!

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Posted by Groovyvic at 06:22 AM | Comments (1) | TrackBack (0)

I saw G & R in concert and they kicked BUTT!

Legend has it that Axl Rose started Guns N Roses with Tracy Guns and when they split up Axl kept the Guns N Roses name. Tracy Guns called his band L.A. Guns and it was advertised as "the OTHER guns band." They kick ass too. A bit of music trivia there for you.

Posted by: junebee at February 24, 2006 02:52 PM