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February 26, 2006

Setting the record straight

Last week I posted a rant about my husband and I want to say that he's not the jerky creep I made him out to be.

Theresa at This Mom Blogs had a great post yesterday concerning how much and what we blog about. I told her she "shaped me up" as far as who and what I blog about.

I said before that I don't like to use this space to vent; from now on I'll take pen to paper and keep that kind of stuff private. Well, I won't vent about my family here, that is. It's still open season on Liberals.

I got in trouble a few weeks ago for blogging about family stuff, but I shouldn't have made my husband fair game. He really is a wonderful husband and father. After I slammed the door in his face we had a long talk and got things straightened out.

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