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April 21, 2006


Yeah, I'm still in a bad mood. I got all fired up (read: pissed off) and called Verizon to see if they've got DSL out here yet. I was in a fighting mood, but you know what? I didn't take it out on the person on the other end of the phone. Nope, I calmed myself down and assured her that I knew she had no control over the situation. And I meant it, too.

But I still didn't feel better, so I called our satellite provider and was directed to HughesNet...only to find out that it costs a BUTTLOAD of $$$ to get high-speed Internet.


Got taken to task yet again for my post about hybrids. Goddammit, this is my feckin' space and I will say whatever the hell I want to, whether others like it or not. For the love of crap, if I can't sit here and throw out an occasional "Fah-Q" or "I love my SUV" stuff, then why the hell am I even doing this?

I'm in such a mood....I'd tear off my right arm for a cigarette right now. Or a candy bar...

So. Well, I'm going to clean up the kitchen and get some stuff done before Son gets home. I promised him Burper King tonight, since Dad won't be home. Tonight's "movie night" selection is SW Episode III, and you know I'll be drooling over that sweet piece of ass Ewan McGregor the whole time.

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When we went with satellite TV, we looked into the satellite internet...yowza!! Way too much money for this little blogger!

Posted by: Anna at April 21, 2006 02:15 PM