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April 27, 2006

I'm always at work

I guess this is Take Your Brats to Work Day. Er...I mean, Take Your Kids to Work Day.

I'm always at work, so this is moot.

But, like I said over in the comments at The Llama Butchers, if my husband took the kids to work they'd be bored silly. There's a lot they could look at, but they can't get too close, and the bulk of Husband's job is super duper secret...so the concept would be lost on Husband too.

But I read Robert's post with a sneer, as I've mentioned to toilet training thing. Not long before I read that I had to deal with a mess. Suffice it to say, Daughter is on her third pair of sweatpants today, and I lost count at three as to how many pairs of cotton training pants she's gone through.

I should just cover my carpet with a tarp.

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