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May 02, 2006

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I'm not going to say much about that "boycott" yesterday. I was able to hear some conservative talk radio yesterday morning; the stuff I heard kind of, well, scared the hell out of me.

The show I listen to managed to get soundbites of someone whose name I didn't catch, going on and on about how they are the majority, they take care of the bratty kids, do the cleaning, etc. This person then turned and started shouting "Go back to Beverly Hills!" This person claimed that all those immigrants were going to take over the U.S.

And the Communists got involved? Is that what I heard?

At any rate, I haven't been keeping up on that kind of stuff like I should, so I'm just not going to offer up any kind of opinion here.

Today is primary day in the Buckeye state, and yes, I will be going over to my polling place to vote.

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