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May 09, 2006

In Which I Hack Husband's Laptop

Explain to me why my damn laptop won't connect to the server and Husband's does. I pulled up the wireless utiltiy programs on both of our computers; everything was exactly the same, yet mine won't connect to our server downstairs. I know he uninstalled the Bluetooth stuff yesterday, but that shouldn't have had anything to do with the network stuff.

Damn computers. You know, I blame Algore for this. Bastard.

But, at least I don't have to sit in the basement to get online. And I was able to go check out the website for my friend Elvis's (is that right?) band. I'm not going to link it until I get the okay from him. But it's pretty cool.

And Husband doesn't have to worry about me looking at his info on this computer. My gawd, it boggles the mind. What-evah.

Seeing as how I have yet to scan my favorite blogs and whatnot, I'm pretty much at a loss right now, except to bitch about the DAMN COMPUTERS AND WHY DO I HAVE ONE IT IS SUCH A PAIN IN THE ASS THEY CAN PUT A MAN ON THE MOON BUT THEY CAN'T GIVE ME HIGHSPEED INTERNETS CONNECTIONS.

Damn you to hell, Algore.

I got very little sleep last night. Better to use this mood on some Moonbats, right?

And, what in the name of all that is red, white, and blue are Screamin' Howard Dean and George Snuffleupagus doing calling Nancy Pelosi "speaker-to-be?" And she says a woman needs to clean up the House? Bah.

Nancy Pelosi, FAH-Q!

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