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May 18, 2006

Got the travel bug

All this flying and what not has given me the yen to travel some more, so when I got home from Reno I sat down to find out just how much it would cost to fly to Scotland.

Yes, Scotland.

Well, it's a good thing Husband and I plan on going after Daughter graduates from high school in fifteen years. We'll need that long to save up!

It's nice to have a goal, isn't it?

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Posted by Groovyvic at 06:04 AM | Comments (1) | TrackBack (0)

I've been yearning for travel and Scotland myself lately. Found a cool travelogue that I linked on my blog (too lazy to go dig up the link for you and put it here but it was this week, so it shouldn't be hard to find if you're interested.) Also...found this sweepstakes while trying to figure out how I could justify the airfare at travelocity. I could deal with 9 free days in Scotland. Of course, if you enter and win I'll kick myself, but hey, at least then I can say I read the blog of the person who won, right? :)

Posted by: beth at May 18, 2006 07:53 AM