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May 28, 2006

More than dinosaurs

Well, actually enjoyed the museum yesterday. There was much more there than just dinosaurs. In fact, they didn't have as many dinos as usual, because the dino exhibit is being remodeled.

We went with one of the SILs and her husband and kids, so everyone had fun. I got to talk with the SIL a lot...mostly gossip and what not, but that's what we do. For some reason I found myself getting very interested in the bird exhibits and the stuffed Siberian Tiger.

BUT! I had a brush with celebrity yesterday when the tour bus and equipment truck for RASCAL FLATTS drove past us. They did a show at the Post-Gazette Pavilion last night (45 minutes from my house, btw) and the band drove right past us. Sadly, this was the highlight of my day.

Well, hey, have you seen the video for "I Melt"? JoeDon's posterior...woo woo!

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