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June 14, 2006

More like "Daily Gag"

Commentary from The Conservative Voice regarding Markos Moulitatatatatas.

As if the actual website doesn't make me want to tear out my hair...and puke...I read the breathy, almost lustful, descriptions of everyone's least favorite conspiracy theorist:

"Ana Marie Cox, the Internet potty-mouth turned Time magazine reporter, breathes shallowly and does her lipstick: 'Compact and wiry, Moulitsas, 34, exudes quivering intensity. He speaks in staccato paragraphs, punctuated by intense stares and a raised eyebrow. His eyes bulge slightly outward, as if reacting to the pressure of all the ideas inside his head.'"

Blech. *gag* *urp*

Here comes breakfast...

Yeah, well, if this guy is the shit, then why did he only get 1000 tinfoil hatted people at his Yearly Ass, I mean Kos, thing?

I saw that little buttsniffer on the news Sunday morning. I changed the channel because I didn't want my children exposed to such TRASH.

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