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June 20, 2006

I Am Here!

Yeah, I haven't posted much today, so what?

I spent a good portion (two and a half hours) on the phone with a friend of mine this morning, which, if you're interested, seems to be the battery life on my cordless phone. We were discussing this and that; our kids are in the same grade, so we have a lot to talk about where this school district is concerned.

Then I took the kids out to lunch.

Then we came home, the kids napped, and I watched Paula Deen.

My uber-sexy dress for Husband's "big dinner" arrived today. It's red! I don't have to wear pantyhose with it! It matches the cute red heels I have! Yay me! I intend to stand out in a sea of blue...

But the best thing is that in this dress I can see that going to Curves is really paying off. (Shameless plug for Curves!)

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