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September 04, 2006


Last night, Husband and I sat down to watch the second half of "Sharpe's Challenge" on BBC America. Husband was really excited about this, since it's the latest Sharpe's movie and all.

And it means that now I have all kinds of Sharpe's books I can get Husband for his birthday and Christmas.

I just wanted to see if Sharpe would really shoot Harper, which he did, but there wasn't enough saltpeter in the gunpowder...

Anyway, this sparked a conversation about how old Sean Bean is, because Harper was looking rode hard and put up wet. Seeing as how these here Internets are good for useless information, I looked up the dude's birthdate....and found out he was in The Island...which means now I have to watch it....Sean Bean and Ewan McGregor....woo woo!!

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