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October 11, 2006

Pounding the Pavement

So to speak.

I'm trying to find a job! Well, something I can do from home. I spent a good portion of the afternoon yesterday tweaking my resume (ugh) and researching all those home-based job sites on these here Internets.

I found one that said "get paid to blog!" but haven't really looked into it.

I just found a listing for a "phone chat operator." It may involve "adult content." Ha ha ha ha...yeah, right. I don't even talk like that to Husband!

What I'd really like to find is something that makes use of my typing skills, and I'd prefer not to do that call center stuff. I mean, I could, but yuck.

Soooo....I'll be checking things out, seeing what's out there.

But to get paid to blog? Weeee!

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