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October 17, 2006

It's raining in OH

There's your weather report, it's raining in Ohio. At least here in my little section of the Buckeye State.

A rainy morning and what do I have planned? I'm taking La Tahoe up for an oil change and tire rotation. I'm a little pissed because I swear the damn u-joint is going again. Can anyone realize that the stupid thing needs to be greased? I'm about to sue that damn garage I took it to last time. I've got to have my step-dad show me where to point the grease gun...I'll do it myself!

Anyway...it's quiet here this morning because Daughter is actually still asleep. She was such a woman yesterday! Husband always wonders if Daughter isn't getting all menstrual...at age three. She acts like it!!

Actually, I think it's her teeth. For some crazy reason, her teeth are delayed. The dentist assures me this is normal - his own daughter's teeth are delayed - but still. My daughter was almost a year old before she got her first teeth! I think that may be causing her teething pain, still, and yesterday she was like freakin' Sybil. Happy one minute, screeching and crying the next.

Good grief. If she's like this at three, I DO NOT want to be around her in about ten years.


After a week of my own hormone hell, I finally dragged my arse out yesterday and bought gross-eries. A thankless job, but at least now we have milk and bread. I even bought dinner fixings, so we won't be eating cereal and waffles for supper.

It's been that kind of week around here.

Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary. Since I'm not allowed to post pictures of my husband on this here blog, I'm going to haul out The Wedding Album From HELL and scan a shot of just me. I looked fabulous that day!

Okay, talk amongst yourselves, I need another cup of coffee.

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