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October 19, 2006

Linky Love

An ass grab to Robert and Steve for this. (You get your Christmas "goose" early this year!)

See, the more I hear about the upcoming election, the more worried I become. I'm not just concerned for me and mine, living in the hotly contested state of Ohio, but for my parents as well. They're still in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. So yeah, this election has me pretty concerned. I just hope my parents vote!

I heard a caller on Quinn and Rose say that, as an OH resident, he's going to hold his nose and vote for DeWine. I agree with him, and I'll bet a lot of other Buckeye State residents do too. Considering the alternative, Sherrod Brown, what choice do we have?

The caller also said that if, God forbid, Santorum loses in PA, could we have him over here in Ohio???

And remember my mentioning all those phone calls from the Democrats telling me how to vote and use that absentee voter form? Well, I got an application for an absentee ballot in the mail. It promptly went into the garbage.

I asked Husband if he thought my vote would count if I used that ballot to vote Republican. He said it probably wouldn't.

Huh...after we (the right) we accused of voter fraud and stealing back in '04...

But not to worry, I still plan on going to my local precinct, the fire hall, to vote.

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