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October 26, 2006

Catching Up

If anyone is interested in an update regarding Daughter's potty training, here ya go. She's a potty monster! Every five to ten minutes (I'm not making that up) she has to sit on her potty and go...just to get M&M's.

God bless her, she stayed dry all day yesterday, even during her nap, but I felt like I had a newborn again! Every time I tried to sit down, get a shower, do anything, there she was wanting to try to piddle...again.

To her credit, she has mastered clothing removal in order to "hit the head." She seems to prefer the potty her brother used; I think the Elmo one is pinching her fanny.

Did you know that the Dixie Bitches are doing a "Storytellers" on VH1? Yeah, it airs Saturday night. I won't be watching.

Husband and I were recruited to help out at the Harvest Party for church. We hadn't planned on going, but how could we turn down helping out? We're going to a young, growing church, and figured any help would be welcome. Soooo...we got a roll of butcher paper, and I'm now in the process of making stencils of pumpkins and leaves. Cutting out maples leaves is a real bitch.

Weeeell...I suppose I've got things to do.

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