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October 30, 2006

Parenting Skills

Last night, Husband and I helped out at the Harvest Party our church gave for the kids. It was an outreach program; it wasn't just kids from the church, but kids from the community who didn't have a church. The intent was great...

Before I say anymore, let me state now that I harbor no illusions as to my own parenting skills. I do my best; I believe in the old saying "children should be seen and not heard." I don't even really like kids, except for my own, and that gets iffy at times. So...

Long story short, it was a madhouse. For me, at least, it served to cement my aversion to ever working in the nursery or children's church ever again.

I have never seen such pushy, loud, obnoxious children in my life! And the parents let them get away with it! Now, my kids weren't perfect. Well, Son was quiet and well behaved, but for Daughter the allure of a party atmosphere and other children to run with was too much for her. Trust me, I kept her in line as best I could.

When we got into La Tahoe to make the trek home, I said to Husband "Never again! Next year we're going to be out of town. Even if we have to lie, we're NOT doing this again!"

He agreed.

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