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November 10, 2006

Time To Show 'Em the Real GroovyVic

I wasn't feeling all that groovy yesterday when the school called to tell me that Son had missed the bus. Apparently five kids that ride the same bus missed the bus.

Once I got to the school, I heard one story from the kids and a different one from the school secretary. Long story short, it doesn't sound to me like Son, or any of those other boys, should have missed the bus.

After talking with another mother last night (her son missed the bus too) I got a little fired up. Son looked me in the eye and told me he wasn't running, he was walking to his bus after he heard the announcement, and then he got stopped.

Sounds fishy to me.

Up until now I've kept my mouth shut at the school, because I've still got Daughter that will have to go through there, but this is ri-goddamn-diculous! I've kept my trap shut when Son's teacher gave a little liberal speech, didn't harass the principal when she got bitchy with me...well, the gloves are off now.

There's a PTO meeting this morning that I'm going to attend. Look out, school, there's a pissed off GroovyVic on the way.

UPDATE, LATER THE SAME DAY: Huh. No sooner do I walk in and sign in at the office but the principal apologizes to me, telling me it was partially her fault that Son missed the bus. I told her he's not scarred for life, but the next time this happens I expect her to bring Son home. All the way to my front door!

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Go Gettem Sister!

Posted by: tony at November 10, 2006 07:25 AM

I had your same problem with teachers that thought it was ok to talk/keep the kids after school causing them to miss their bus. After having my kids miss their bus to daycare, I had to remind them that this was not acceptable unless they wanted to become the new babysitter. Good luck to you.

Posted by: LeeAnn at November 10, 2006 11:09 AM