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January 15, 2007

Treasure Hunt

I'm getting a new laptop. This, in itself, is not really a big deal; the only reason I'm getting a new laptop is because Husband has decided to donate my current laptop to the church for all that PowerPoint business.

You know, though, that I'm not going to say no to a new computer.

But the thing is, I cannot find the restore discs! I have searched high and low, in desk drawers and boxes from the move that still haven't been unpacked and I cannot find what I'm looking for!

I have, however, found my diplomas from high screwl and college, a certificate I received from the Guard when Husband was overseas, and Son's first haircut envelope.

I can't find the damn thumb drive that came with my old computer either. After hunting and hunting I'm really starting to get annoyed.

Now I turn to figuring out what stuff to keep on the old workhorse: blog stuff, documents, naked pictures of Ewan McGregor. (Wouldn't want those popping up in church, would we?)

And Husband has informed me that HE will be keeping all the restore discs and such. Fine by me!

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