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May 31, 2007

Bound to Happen

I got word today that - get ready for it - the kids are going to have to go to school until June 6 because the district will be closed tomorrow!

Apparently, some of the bus drivers complained about not being paid for tomorrow, and some bonehead on the school board decided that the kids should make it up.

When I heard this news I was in the elementary school's office to pick up Son, and I said:

"Are you f***ing kidding me?"

On the way home, Son practically begged me to let him not go to school on Tuesday or Wednesday. And you know what? I'm going in Monday morning and talking to the teacher about it. This is complete bulls**t.

Of course, after my outburst in the office, the principal wouldn't even look at me. The amazing thing is that I had my Led Zeppelin shirt on; moms that would usually talk to me avoided me like I'd farted or something once they saw my shirt.

Isn't that stupid?

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