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July 02, 2007

Good News....For A Change

Yesterday was Military Appreciation Day at our church, and we had the great fortune of having an Army Chaplain deliver the sermon. He's been in Iraq, folks, so he has a clue, if you know what I mean.

There was also an Infantryman there, who'd done (to my knowledge) at least one tour in Iraq.

During the Q&A period after our luncheon, several people asked about what's really going on over there, since the media over here always wants to dole out the bad news.

Well, the Infantryman said that he never once saw any kind of reporter when he was in a particular area of Iraq....the so-called "hot spot."

Go figure.

And the Chaplain (who is NOT Father Mulcahey, by the way) had a few choice words to say, among them that it isn't as bad as we're being led to believe.

I SOOOOO wanted to ask what they thought about these hippie wannabes who run around shouting "Vietnam!!" but I kept my yap shut. And I was trying to shush my kids.

I mention this only because Robbo posted about something similar that happened at his house over the weekend.

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