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July 03, 2007

Book Junkies

It looks like my love of books (or rather, addiction to) is rubbing off on Son. He picked out four more Geronimo Stilton books; he had seven in his hand, but put three back in favor of getting a Pirates of the Caribbean novel.

I have to admit, and I did so to Son, that I was pretty proud of him for doing that.

I only got one book today.

But! The biggest fun happened while we were driving to the mall. There was a blue Toyota Pius (I know, I did that on purpose) in front of us, and after I remarked about it looking like a blue turd on wheels, I saw an arm snake out and a hand flick cigarette ashes.

I said, "Oh, that guy really cares about the environment! Driving a hybrid and then smoking and flicking his ashes out of the car window!"

He soon flicked the butt out the window, too.

And of course, I wore my shirt that says "American by birth, National Guard Wife by the grace of God" (because I'm thin enough to fit into it) and got some looks at the mall. Mostly from skeevy looking yutes, though.

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